🎲 Zero Loss Sports Betting Platform Beta Test 🧪

5 min readApr 1, 2022


Join the Sports Betting Market Takeover with us

Welcome to one of the last steps of our Zero Loss Sports Betting Plaform, where you’ll be able to experience the platform in action for the first time ever. We will conduct a Beta Test with our community in order to ensure the proper functionality of the platform and address any potential bugs before the official release of the platform on Mainnet.

When Will it Happen 🗓

The official start of the Beta Testing Phase will be on the 1st of April, where we will launch the Beta Testing Group and start recruiting candidates through our sign up form. Once the group is well populated and we have enough users to properly test everything we will begin to publish the first bets available. From there we will make sure to send users test tokens that they can bet with, and they can choose to use them as they wish on the platform.

How Can I Sign Up for the Beta Test? 🧐

You can sign up for the Beta Test by heading to our Signup Form, and filling all of the required fields. The main requirements are: e-mail, Telegram Username and Cronos Address, which we will use for beta test updates, inclusion in the beta testing group and testnet token transfers.

Signup Form Link: forms.gle/biAkiaPibxWqtLzB6

How Can I Help? ⛑

Any tests that you perform on the platform are a useful tool for us to progress and ensure the highest level of quality in the final release. We recommend trying out the platform on different devices with different aspect ratios, in order to ensure the proper responsiveness of the betting platform across all devices.

Choosing different betting options for each user is also quite important, as it will help us evaluate the proper functionality of the smart contracts, so make sure to always be very random with the amounts you choose, and don’t be scared to ask for more test tokens if you need them.

Same goes for outcomes, try to pick the more unpredictable ones in order to ensure that we have users in each possible bet option and that the share of the prize pot is being distributed accordingly.

Get TCRO for Testnet Gas Fees 🪙

As you know every EVM chain utilizes gas fees that are mandatory for users in order to perform any transaction. Cronos utilizes CRO for gas fee purposes, and the same applies for the Cronos Testnet.

The only difference in this case is that you can request the TCRO (Testnet CRO) tokens for free from Cronos’ Faucet. TCRO will allow you to perform Testnet Transactions on our Sports Betting Platform.

To get your TCRO, simply head over to cronos.org/faucet and get your tokens. Remember that you can make one TCRO request per day, amounting to a total of 50 TCRO per day.

The last step now is to make sure that you’ve added the Cronos Testnet Network to your MetaMask. The easiest way to do this is by heading over to chainlist.org and searching for Cronos Testnet (make sure the “testnets” option is enabled). Click on “Add to Metamask” and you’re good to go!

How to Get BETEST Tokens 💰

BETEST will be the main token utilized for betting purposes during our Beta Testing phase. In order to receive BETEST all you have to do is join us through our Signup Form and we will airdrop it to you. If you need more BETEST don’t be afraid to ask the admins for more!

Submission Requirements 📝

Each valid bug submission will yield you a prize of 1 BETIFY, allowing you to increase your BETIFY holding by being a proficient beta tester. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • You can cover several topics, such as: frontend, server, smart contracts etc.
  • If a user has previously submited the same bug you’ve found, your submission won’t be valid
  • Once your submission arrives to us and is confirmed as valid we will send your prize in BETIFY
  • PocketKings, Plato and Fritz will be present in the group to examine the beta test and aid you with any questions

Match Categories and Bet Length 🥊

As far as Match Categories go we will most likely feature Football Matches (AKA Soccer) and MMA Matches for the duration of the Beta Testing Phase. Football will probably be the best one in the testing phase since matches occur frequently throughout the week.

As far as the Bet Length goes, we will shorten it from 14 Days to less than a day, in order to ensure that we can perform as many tests as possible. On the other hand, we will make sure that the prize pots are fun by deploying our custom farms on Testnet with really high APRs.

You should also remember that we’re all working together to test every inch of the betting platform and its smart contracts so the prize pots are for testing purposes and not fully indicative of the prize pots that will be available on the final mainnet release of the platform, which might be lower or higher.

Conclusion 📪

We will take this weekend to grow the Beta Testing group and organise everything and we will announce the first bets available through our Twitter, Discord and Telegram. We can’t wait to start enabling the bets and seeing all of our hard work in action for the first time. We’re extremely excited to offer you a fresh an innovative product on the Cronos Chain, and it’s amazing that we can test everything with our loving community.

Let’s take over the Sports Betting Industry one bet at a time!




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