🎫 Sport Pass Announcement 📣

4 min readMar 17, 2022


Win Subscriptions and Tickets for your Favourite Sports

We’re always looking for new potential utility features and ways that we can introduce users to the world of sports as we head towards the launch of our Zero Loss Sports Betting Platform. One of the new features we are releasing now will allow users to view lots of the events that we will feature on the Sports Betting Platform and potentially attend the events in real life too.

Sport Pass will allow wBETSLIP holders to participate in bi-weekly raffles where they can win Tickets to UFC Events, 6 Month DAZN Subscriptions or UFC Fight Passes.

How Does it Work? 🤔

The process to join Sport Pass is quite similar to the access flow that we already have in place for Revenue Share. But let’s go over the main steps once more:

Purchase BETIFY 💰

You can purchse BETIFY from the market on MM.Finance or from our Bond Page, where you will be able to purchase BETIFY at a discount, with a 5–7 day vesting period before you can claim your BETIFY tokens. To reduce your vesting period you can open a Booster Box to receive one of our NFT Boosters, which have various vesting discounts, anywhere from 10 to 50%. Once you have your BETIFY you’re ready to move onto the next step.

Staking 🪙

Join our Staking Page and start earning Rebasing Rewards. After staking your BETIFY you will go through a Warmup Period of 24hrs, where you won’t be able to claim your rewards from those 24 hrs. After the Warmup Period you’ll be in normal staking, and your BETIFY will be converted to BETSLIP, our staking receipt token, which tracks the amount of BETIFY that you’re accumulating from rebasing rewards. Now we can move on to the next step.

Wrapping your BETSLIP 📪

In the top right corner of our page you can find a “wrap” button. Click it and wrap your BETSLIP tokens to convert them into wBETSLIP tokens. You may notice that 1 wBETSLIP is not equal to 1 BETSLIP. That’s because wBETSLIP is a container of BETSLIP, and it accumulates BETSLIP inside of it. The way to calculate wBETSLIP is with the following formula:

1 wBETSLIP = 1 BETSLIP X Current Index

Current Index is the amount of BETIFY you would have right now if you staked 1 BETIFY on epoch 0 of the project

Join Sport Pass 🥊

Now you are ready to join Sport Pass. Simply stake your wBETSLIP into the Sport Pass page and you will be entered into the raffle. The amount of wBETSLIP you’re holding will indicate what your winning % is in the raffle. That means that investors with larger GambleFi portfolios will have a higher chance to win, but smaller investors could still pull the win in the end.

For Revenue Share Investors: If all of your wBETSLIP is staked in Revenue Share keep in mind that you will have to unstake your desidered amount to enter the Sport Pass page

The Sport Pass raffle will have a total duration of 14 days to enter before the winners are selected, of which there will be 7 days where your wBETSLIP will be locked in the pool, so make sure to remember that and time your entry into Sport Pass accordingly. After the 14 days are up, winners will receive their prizes which can include: UFC Live Event tickets, UFC Fight Pass, DAZN memberships and much more depending on the raffle.

When will Sport Pass Start? ⏱

The first edition of Sport Pass will begin on Monday 21st March 2022, so make sure to get your wBETSLIP ready for the first raffle. The prizes for the first edtion will be announced during this weekend so stay tuned through our social media channels to not miss any of the news. As previously mentioned Sport Pass is a bi-weekly event, so as soon as this first edition is over another one will be organized.

We are open to community feedback for Sport Pass regarding prize ideas and ways to improve the system. We already have future improvements planned for it, and we’re more than happy to take your suggestions into consideration.

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for more news from the world of GambleFi!




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