💻 Official Launch & Beta Test End 🚀

5 min readApr 18, 2022


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Welcome to a brand new Medium article after two weeks of testing and bug fixes performed on CronoSports. The Beta has gone very well, with 50 of our most loyal users participating through our Beta Testing Group, and over 100 bug reports sent through our form.

How did it go? 💪🏻

The Beta went very well, and we managed to get a lot of user feedback and fix most of the issues present on the platform as we progressed through the days of the Beta Testing Period. We were also able to feature plenty of football matches and even created the custom betting system for UFC matches on the platform. At the moment we’re also setting up the betting system for basketball matches, and we’ll slowly keep building it up for more and more sports.

In order to perform the tests we also had to deploy our own custom token and farm on testnet, which allowed us to create a realistic environment for testing purposes.

In this period we managed to complete a lot of essential tasks around the platform such as:

  • General Frontend Cleanup
  • Responsiveness Optimization
  • Custom RPC Node to Enhance User Connectivity
  • Backend to Frontend Connection Quality Control
  • Dynamic Elements & Timers
  • Active Bets and Bet History Overhaul
  • Platform Filter Fixes
  • Match Betting Option Tab Fixes
  • Dead End & Blank Page Issue Fixes
  • Informative Alerts Around the Platform

Many more updates and small tweaks have been performed, but these are some of the most essential ones.

Community Response 🤝

The community has been extremely helpful during the Beta Testing period and we’re very thankful for their continuous support. As always we like to reward the most active members, and Lee was by far the most productive Beta Tester out there, with over 40 reports conducted by himself alone, so a chunky bag of BETIFY awaits him in the next few days. Thank you for your contribution, and thank you for always showing up for every AMA and event related to GambleFi and CronoSports, we truly appreciate it.

Some other names that have helped tremendously not only with the Beta Test but with the project in general are: Fery, Joseph Rudwick, Matthew O Connor, sliDu, darvin567, Paul, FalconCY, Silver Stalin, Gaetano, Mantis, alexm and plenty more users. We apologise if we forgot to mention you on the list, but rest assured that you are in our hearts.

Thank you guys so much, we’ll make sure to perform the BETIFY aridrop in the following days!

Official Launch 🚀

The official launch is today, Monday 18th April at 4PM UTC, where we will move the platform to its permanent domain, and get the ball rolling for the first time.

There are plenty of details to keep in mind, but we’ll try to cover the most important here.

Farms that will be used

We will be using MM.Finance farms for the time being, since they have been close to us since launch, and are one of the most (if not the most) reputable projects on the Cronos Chain. It’s also great that most of their farms and staking pools have fantastic returns, which will aid us a lot with the fast growth of our prize pots.

Locking Time

Our baseline of 7 days of locking time remains, but we might also do shorter betting times upon community request, as we assess how what the average TVB (Total Value Bet) will be throughout the week.

Are the Multipliers Correct?

Our multiplier system is quite complicated compared to traditional betting platforms, since the only time we know exactly what the payouts are is when the match is completed and the results are out. They depend a lot on several external factors, such as APR stability, total number of players, total number of winners and which outcomes are victorious. These multiplier values should be intended as a maximum potential payout.

When Can I Claim my Rewards?

You will be able to claim your rewards right after a match is completed and the results are out. About 20 minutes of operational timing will be necessary to get everything distributed through the smart contracts, and you’ll be able to check and claim all of your won and lost bets through our Bet History page.

How Frequent will Matches Be?

We are aiming for around 3-5 matches per week during the first weeks, allowing us to ensure that there will be a good amount of TVB distributed between every match featured on our platform. As the platform keeps growing, we will keep scaling this number, adding more matches and more types of sports to the list every single week.


To celebrate the launch and spread the word about CronoSports, we are doing an AMA with the largest DeFi ecosystem on Cronos, MM.Finance. They have been of great help to us ever since we’ve done our launchpad with them in February, and we hope to keep our partnership strong as we move forward with the growth of GambleFi and CronoSports. We hope to cover a great amount of topics during the AMA, and attract as many users as possible to our brand new platform.

MMF is definitely the best and most dedicated community on Cronos, and could help our project tremendously in the long run, so make sure to help anyone that’s asking for support in their community, set up relationships with other users and spread the word about the project.

Pre Launch day has been an absolute banger, so let’s keep the ball rolling in the right direction. Let’s make this an amazing launch!

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