🥊 CronoSports X MMF 🤝

4 min readApr 25, 2022


Reaching new audiences

Welcome to a brand new weekly Medium where we will discuss some of the news related to our newly launched CronoSports Betting Platform. Week 1 has ended, and we’ve been able to properly test the platform on mainnet and see our system in action. As we wait for the first matches to complete and distribute the prize pot to the first winners we’ve been trying to expand our outreach on Cronos to a new audience.

Close Ties with MM.Finance 🚀

As you may know MMF has been close to us ever since our initial launch through their Launchpad back in February. They’ve also been there with us post launch, keeping their promises on the delivery dates for locked funding, farm support and in particular marketing, where they’ve always been open to helping us. Since they’ve been a great partner to us, we also believed it would be beneficial for both parties to find a good mutual agreement for our newly launched CronoSports, since our system benefits from a good and trustworthy farming ecosystem.

MM.Finance X CronoSports Implementation 💻

Due to the nature of our Zero Loss Sports Betting system, CronoSports needs a solid platform with stable and reliable farms to prosper, and that’s exactly what we can receive by having MM.Finance as our main farm provider.

When users bet on our platform, their accumulated funds go into MM.Finance farms, where they earn the yield that will be utilized for the winners’ prize pot.

At this moment our active matches are using MMF’s Manual Staking Pool, creating a very simple and incentivising environment for MMF stakers that would like to increase the earnings they receive from farming through our betting system.

This will be further improved by adding LP Token bets as well, which generally feature higher APR farms.

CronoSports MM.Finance Gateway 🔗

In order to catch some new potential investors’ eyes you can now find us under the “Games” category on MM.Finance, allowing us to have the visibility of countless investors with over $1.5 Billion in Total Value Locked.

We hope this will bring more volume to our betting platform and help us spread the word about it in the crypto world, since we have a very unique proposition that hasn’t been done before.

MMF Burn 🔥

As you may know from our documentation, the GambleFi DAO will earn from the prize pots on CronoSports, allowing us to redistribute revenue sharing to our loyal stakers on GambleFi. In order to accomodate MMF more we’ve decided to also add an MMF burn % for our matches that feature MMF assets. Here is what the split will look like on CronoSports:

  • 100% of initial assets are sent back to investors
  • 88.5% of the prize pot will be sent to winners
  • 10% of the prize pot will be sent to the GambleFi Treasury
  • 1.5% of the MMF assets will be burned

Future Matches 🔮

This week we’re releasing some more matches for the near future, as we’re approaching the completion of the first week of matches. We’re also continuously improving our multiplier calculation system, and it will become much more accurate in the following weeks.

Here are some of the events that you’ll find on the platform soon:

  • Real Madrid vs Manchester City
  • Charles Oliveira vs Justin Gaethje
  • Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid

As far as the UFC goes the entire card will be extremely action packed, so there’s a lot of opportunities for big fights and big bets on our platform. If the volume on the first fights is large enough we might broaden the matches available in the next 2 weeks.

We hope you guys are enjoying the betting platform and we hope you’re doing your part to spread the word about the possibilities that are available through the power of the blockchain, and what we’ve all been able to accomplish together. More platform improvements will be coming out as weeks go by, and we’re starting our work on the Leveraged Betting system too.

Have a fruitful week, we’ll see you next time.




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