⚽️ CronoSports V2 🚀

4 min readJun 5, 2022


Ready for the final take-off

We are locked and loaded for the next chapter of CronoSports’ life. After an initial launch period, experimentation, time in the Cronos market, an MVP of the Betting Platform, and an essential relationship building period we are ready to move forward and evolve the project into a more complete and stable state.

Stay tuned for our new Landing Page Launch on Tuesday, June 7th through CronoSports.io

New Landing Page 💻

Following our eternal addiction to intricate detail, we’ve decided that a new project direction requires a new and upgraded presentation, through a new and improved Landing Page. The update will cover all of the new features in a beautiful and easy to understand one pager, allowing new users to get the hang of things right away.

The Landing Page will be released on Tuesday, and will be the first of the updates we’ve performed in the past month of market turbulence. We’ve taken this period to fully immerse ourselves into our work, as bearish markets are the best moments to work in peace. Whenever the fear and greed index is at an extreme fear level, markets are highly unstable, users stop trusting all cryptocurrencies, and it becomes severely challenging to push an independent project to new all time highs. But in exchange, as a development team you receive a lenghty period of peace where you can develop your project the way you want, without any market pressure. The next step is to have all of your cards ready, and strike the iron when it’s hot.

New Whitepaper 📄

In order to treat your hunger for knowledge and project related details we’ve also completely restructured and re-written our Whitepaper, offering market information, our thoughts on current movements, and detailed descriptions of our main features, all enclosed in a beautifully constructed Document. You can expect the new Whitepaper to be released shortly after the Landing Page update.

Smart Contract Changes 👨🏼‍💻

To justify a token and structure relaunch of a project, you must have quite severe smart contract modifications, and that’s exactly what we’ve performed. Our entire tokenomic system has been revamped in order to simplify it, allow native bets and stabilize our current liquidity issues. The new token will be completely detached from the rebasing system, will be more simple in its nature, feature a buy and sell tax utilized for buyback and burns, and will keep its governance oriented nature. More info about tokenomics will be revealed through our new Landing Page, Documentation and Whitepaper.

The Sports Betting platform will also feature modifications, enabling native bets, several burning mechanisms and eventually allowing users to decide if they would like to take advantage of Zero Loss, or alternatively give up some of their assets in the case of a loss in order to improve their earning % if they win a bet.

New Launchpad 🚀

As we release the news and prepare everything we’re also working intensely on organising a new Launchpad for the newly released token. The Launchpad setup is not finalized as of now, but we already have our required numbers in mind, and we will reveal all of them in our new Landing Page and documentation.

We are currently trying to organise the relaunch with the help of every Cronos contact we’ve acquired over the past 4 months of activity. We hope to have a launch as exciting as the initial one back in February.

The final launchpad details will be revealed in the next 7 days, as we take the last decisions and begin its set up. Stay tuned through our social media channels in order to not miss the launch and the conversion to V2 for previous BETIFY holders.

Thank You 🤝

Thank you for all of the support and suggestions as we work hard to keep the project moving forward. We still believe strongly in the potential of our project and we want to bring it to a huge mainstage where we can showcase how much quality we can produce through Decentralized Finance Technologies.

If you’d like to offer more suggestions for technolgy related topics, interesting NFT ideas or token names please contact us through our Telegram group, we would love to hear from you.




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